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Maurice Moss

Development Update

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The development team have been hard at work improving Rouge River and Classic over the last few weeks. We also managed to have a community chat and gathered some useful community feedback. I am happy to announce that an update will be rolled out shortly with many of the fixes and improvements people were hoping for. Below is just a sample of the changes we have made.

Night Time

A lot of people said they struggled with it being pitch black at night. Running to the road after crashing was near impossible. We have now set the date to July 11th 2035 which just so happens to be a full moon. We have been testing this and with the added light it makes it much more playable. The start of the day is now 4:00 so you should get some more time before it starts to get dark. We wanted to keep night in to add to the realism and tried adding more lights but unfortunately Arma seems to struggle... NVG's are also fixed for medic but in our testing we found you don't really need them anymore.


We have managed to turn off the rain so hopefully your frames should stop dropping and you won't have to listen to the loud noise again.

Panic Buttons

As an officer when you see a colleague get shot or are in danger you can once again press your panic button and get your location marked on the map so help can arrive. A nice addition is the ability to deactivate the panic button when the situation is over by using your scroll wheel.


We have had several officer say it can be tricky to use long range radios correctly in some situations so we have upped the range to 52km (the same as the phone). You should now be able to talk to people on the other side of the map without a long range.


We will *not* be doing a wipe (don't worry your hard earned cash will not be going) but we are working on a new system to automatically detect and remove any 'suspicious' items. We will be rolling this out in a few days and processing all of our past logs. So in theory your items should be safe BUT if you do happen to have duped items or money which 'magically appeared' we recommend you get rid of them soon. We are just testing out our scripts and hope to start processing our previous logs in about three days.


We have fixed various bank problems and like old times when there are more than 5 police officers on you should be able to take hostages and rob it. Providing you don't get shot the money bags can once again be traded in for a reward.

Police Loadouts

Changes have been made which improved the loadouts for the entire department. This includes shiny new vests and rank based shop separation. These are thanks to DOC’s Warden @George Dilley.

Drug Dealer

We are trialing a move of the drug dealer to the south east of Lakeside. We hope this should make your drug runs slightly more interesting but also making it more fun for cops.

Small changes

  • Rep now reduces by 150 after jail
  • Many Security fixes
  • Spinning vehicle previews
  • Removed 'who killed me camera'

I would like to thank our development team for working tirelessly to make these changes and we hope they deal with a few of the issues people have been experiences

Before you ask we do not have a time frame for the release currently and are going through the process of testing it.

Also I would like to say a massive thank you to @Sam Collins for putting this together for us and helping gather community feedback.







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