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Maurice Moss

Lakeside Classic Patch #2 RESYNC NEEDED

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Mission Additions:

Added: Color Selection For Ivory Vehicles (Max Kit)

Added: Various Weapons To Gang And Rebel Shop

Added: Gang Clothing Store & Gang Weapon Shop At Capture Points.


Mission Changes:

Changed: Bank

Fixed: NVG Class For EMS

Changed: Vests For All Sides.

Changed: Updated Car Shop List (Max Kit)

Fixed: Various Exploits

Fixed: Donuts & Pizza

Changed: Phone Calls Now Take From Bank And Will Drop If You Run Out Of Money

Fixed: Other Various Bugs

Removed: Terrible Recoil Coefficient 


Addon Additions:

Added: New Vests Addon (to fix vest issues)

Added: New EMS Textures For Ivory Vehicles Thanks To Chris H

Added: New EMS Uniform Textures Thanks To Chris H


Addon Changes:

Fixed: Ambulance and CVPI not having LR radio

Changed: Upped Short Range Radio to 7k

Updated: need_resync.pbo

Updated: mm_bank.pbo

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