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Drunken Leprechaun

News Update & GTA V RP

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Hi All

Firstly thank you for such an awesome launch of CG Classic its great to see some of the old face's back at CG and the great characters that we had here that made CG amazing place to be for the new players/members I hope you are enjoying the Classic Lakeside. We weren't expecting the huge response we got at launch and the flood of apps that came we are still working on classic ironing out some of the problems we are having with the code the community has been amazing with the offers of help from the community members and the way our development and operations team has tripled in size since launch also I'd like to mention that you all make CG the community it has always been why people come back here, and how you are eager to help with in-game issues to make your immersion and experience a great one while educating along the way so again thank you from all of us at the CG Team...


 "Outside of the Arma environment we are also working on another project so we won’t be limiting ourselves to Arma RP"

So to get to the point as you remember from my last post in here I spoke about other projects outside Arma RP well we have decided to move into GTA RP as well we are going to Host a friend of mine GTArp server at CG he like me has got addicted to the GTArp scene he has put a lot into the server hes working on with 2 French developers considering that he come from a rust back ground but what he has done so far and what he has planned is class  we will be putting up 2 servers a public & a white-listed server. I will post more in the next week and hopefully before the end of the month we will have the servers up and a new section on the forums.


Thank you all again for the amazing response to our relaunch.


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