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Maurice Moss

Lakeside Classic Patch #1 RESYNC NEEDED

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Mission Additions:

Added: NVG's for EMS

Added: More Ems Slots

Added: More Civ Slots

Added: Court House Fire.


Mission Changes:

Changed: Moved Rebel Weapon Shipment Location

Fixed: Bank Robbing

Changed: Panic Buttons For Cops

Changed: Added Database ID Above Players Name At All Time

Changed: Gang Slot Upgrading Re-Enabled

Fixed: Some Fires Being In The Wrong Spot.

Removed: OPFOR

Slot count  upped


Addon Additions:


Addon Changes:

Fixed: UI Font Issue

Updated: CBA_A3

Added: Long Range Radios To Cop/EMS Ivory Vehicles (WRX, EVOX, M3, REV, RS4, SUBURBAN, GTI)

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