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  1. Finally the update we announced in the recent development update has been pushed live. If you have not read it we recommend you check out the link below. In addition to the things which we announced there have been several bug fixes and security improvements. For those of you who think its too many words take a look down below for the summarised change log. Made server start at dawn Made nighttime brighter Complete economy re-balance (many thanks to @Dougal Maguire) Reduced the change of rainfall (mostly) Improved officers panic buttons Increased hand held radio range Fixed bank robbing Updated police loadouts and vest textures (thanks @George Dilley) Moved drug dealer South East of Lakeside (we are trialling this tell us what you think) Reduced amount rep went down Added new name system (use your windows menu to set names) (thanks @Dom Thomas) Improved vehicle previews Switched to static death camera You will need to update your addons but don't worry it should be around 11MB. if you have any feedback just let us know. I would also like to thank @Maurice Moss and the rest of the development team as well as anyone which helped us test the various changes we have made. Hopefully I will bump into you on the server soon.