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  1. Admin Applications are now closed, thank you to all that have applied
  2. Administrator applications are now open and will be open for the next few days, we'll then close them and evaluate the applications. If your application is successful you will then be invited to conduct an interview with a Senior Admin, Head Admin or Myself. Any questions feel free to ask. Good luck everyone! ~Robert Jenkins
  3. Owner (Bender, Sam) - Community Owners Development Manager (graphical) (Jimmy) - Tasked with all graphical and modeling needs Development Manager (programming) (Maurice) - Tasked with all programming needs - Cyberworks Gameplay Manager (Dismayed) - Tasked with In Game Rules / Game Changes General Manager (Andy) - Manager Liason Operations Manager (Robert) - Tasked with Staff, community and faction bound. Project Relations Manager (Leppy) - Tasked with community relations with members and 3rd party relations. Head Developer (Danny) - Forums - Map/Xcam Developers -Developing the server in the server in their speciality area. Head Administrator Head Admins run the Admin team, there is a limit to 3 of them, 1 EU, 1 NA and 1 from any time zone. This is so the 3 of them can make decisions together and if a vote is made then there will not be a tie. This is also so that there should be one available most of the time. Head Admins are responsible for the training and hiring of new Admins and Moderators. They are also the ones to deal with any reports against a staff member, be it support or admin team member Senior Administrator Senior Administrators are more experienced in their jobs and are tasked with helping to train new Admins and Moderators. They usually have more knowledge of common cases so are the best people to go to first for help. An Admin is promoted to Senior Admin once they have been an Admin for an extended period of time and have proven themselves. Administrator The Role of an Administrator is to ensure the members of the community are following the rules of the server. They deal with player reports, ban appeals and more complex support cases. They are also tasked with helping to run community events. Moderator Moderators are essentially a trial staff member, they are to assist Admins and Senior Admins in their jobs. Moderators have limited powers on the forums and teamspeak and can help with disputes between players. Once a moderator has deemed himself/ herself as being a good staff member they will be promoted to Administrator. Support Supervisors Support Supervisors are in charge of the support team, there is a limit to 2 of them. They work together to run the support team by training, hiring and managing the support team. Senior Support Senior Support Members are more experienced members of the support team, their job is to move the applications that have been processed and ensure that the ones that have been accepted have been done so correctly. They also assist in the training of new support team members. Support Team Member Support Team Members are the first line of support within the community. They are also the first person a new member will see when the join the community too. The Support Team Member’s job is to welcome new community members in by doing an induction once their application has been accepted. They are also responsible for conducting teamspeak support and the processing of applications. Trial Support Team Member Trial Support Team Members new support team members and have similar responsibilities to Support Team Members.
  4. Hello all! Thank you all for an amazing first day open, all the staff team has been very busy with over 200 people whitelisted in the first few days alone. So thank you all! We want to listen to the community to find out how you all think that we could improve, so if you'd like to take a few minutes to leave some feedback on the server please feel free to do so. At the start of every month i'll make a post about frequent things people have said. Link to feed back here ~Robert Jenkins ~Operations Manager