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    First let me welcome you all to the new Critical Gaming we have been in development for the last 18 months and are nearing the launch of the server in to Alpha Testing. It has been a rough 18 months with the development even though we knew the direction we wanted the re-assurgency of CG to go in we had a few setbacks with coders until I brought Moss in. Cammy (Moss) one of the best coders that I have met in all my years of been around developers Cammy brings years of coding and the expertise and the foresight of trying new ideas. Along with Cammy came a new management team Rob the new operations manager who also like Cammy has years of expertise in running the Administration & Support Teams in various other communities. In the past 18 months, outside of the development of the server we had spoken in length on the direction of CG and the way it was going to be handled going forward the old CG way of management is gone the people who caused toxicity in the community will no longer be welcomed here the involvement of the owners in the community will now be paramount along with you the members. We are also working on other projects including new maps for Arma3 along with a different scenario of the server more to be announced when we are comfortable with the official launch of the server. Outside of the Arma environment we are also working on another project so we won’t be limiting ourselves to Arma RP. Finally I would like to thank you all for coming back and the new members a hearty hello we hope that you will like what you see and stay making this once great community a shining beacon of the future. Leppy.