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  4. Q: How many meeseeks will it take for them to find me a relationship ?

  5. I am a cat person. A good cat person. 

  6. Helloo-ello-ello-lo-o-o..

  7. On a leave of absence until Saturday!

  8. Finally the update we announced in the recent development update has been pushed live. If you have not read it we recommend you check out the link below. In addition to the things which we announced there have been several bug fixes and security improvements. For those of you who think its too many words take a look down below for the summarised change log. Made server start at dawn Made nighttime brighter Complete economy re-balance (many thanks to @Dougal Maguire) Reduced the change of rainfall (mostly) Improved officers panic buttons Increased hand held radio range Fixed bank robbing Updated police loadouts and vest textures (thanks @George Dilley) Moved drug dealer South East of Lakeside (we are trialling this tell us what you think) Reduced amount rep went down Added new name system (use your windows menu to set names) (thanks @Dom Thomas) Improved vehicle previews Switched to static death camera You will need to update your addons but don't worry it should be around 11MB. if you have any feedback just let us know. I would also like to thank @Maurice Moss and the rest of the development team as well as anyone which helped us test the various changes we have made. Hopefully I will bump into you on the server soon.
  9. The development team have been hard at work improving Rouge River and Classic over the last few weeks. We also managed to have a community chat and gathered some useful community feedback. I am happy to announce that an update will be rolled out shortly with many of the fixes and improvements people were hoping for. Below is just a sample of the changes we have made. Night Time A lot of people said they struggled with it being pitch black at night. Running to the road after crashing was near impossible. We have now set the date to July 11th 2035 which just so happens to be a full moon. We have been testing this and with the added light it makes it much more playable. The start of the day is now 4:00 so you should get some more time before it starts to get dark. We wanted to keep night in to add to the realism and tried adding more lights but unfortunately Arma seems to struggle... NVG's are also fixed for medic but in our testing we found you don't really need them anymore. Rain We have managed to turn off the rain so hopefully your frames should stop dropping and you won't have to listen to the loud noise again. Panic Buttons As an officer when you see a colleague get shot or are in danger you can once again press your panic button and get your location marked on the map so help can arrive. A nice addition is the ability to deactivate the panic button when the situation is over by using your scroll wheel. Radios We have had several officer say it can be tricky to use long range radios correctly in some situations so we have upped the range to 52km (the same as the phone). You should now be able to talk to people on the other side of the map without a long range. Wiping We will *not* be doing a wipe (don't worry your hard earned cash will not be going) but we are working on a new system to automatically detect and remove any 'suspicious' items. We will be rolling this out in a few days and processing all of our past logs. So in theory your items should be safe BUT if you do happen to have duped items or money which 'magically appeared' we recommend you get rid of them soon. We are just testing out our scripts and hope to start processing our previous logs in about three days. Bank We have fixed various bank problems and like old times when there are more than 5 police officers on you should be able to take hostages and rob it. Providing you don't get shot the money bags can once again be traded in for a reward. Police Loadouts Changes have been made which improved the loadouts for the entire department. This includes shiny new vests and rank based shop separation. These are thanks to DOC’s Warden @George Dilley. Drug Dealer We are trialing a move of the drug dealer to the south east of Lakeside. We hope this should make your drug runs slightly more interesting but also making it more fun for cops. Small changes Rep now reduces by 150 after jail Many Security fixes Spinning vehicle previews Removed 'who killed me camera' I would like to thank our development team for working tirelessly to make these changes and we hope they deal with a few of the issues people have been experiences Before you ask we do not have a time frame for the release currently and are going through the process of testing it. Also I would like to say a massive thank you to @Sam Collins for putting this together for us and helping gather community feedback.
  10. Admin Applications are now closed, thank you to all that have applied
  11. CHANGELOG Mission Additions: Added: Color Selection For Ivory Vehicles (Max Kit) Added: Various Weapons To Gang And Rebel Shop Added: Gang Clothing Store & Gang Weapon Shop At Capture Points. Mission Changes: Changed: Bank Fixed: NVG Class For EMS Changed: Vests For All Sides. Changed: Updated Car Shop List (Max Kit) Fixed: Various Exploits Fixed: Donuts & Pizza Changed: Phone Calls Now Take From Bank And Will Drop If You Run Out Of Money Fixed: Other Various Bugs Removed: Terrible Recoil Coefficient Addon Additions: Added: New Vests Addon (to fix vest issues) Added: New EMS Textures For Ivory Vehicles Thanks To Chris H Added: New EMS Uniform Textures Thanks To Chris H Addon Changes: Fixed: Ambulance and CVPI not having LR radio Changed: Upped Short Range Radio to 7k Updated: need_resync.pbo Updated: mm_bank.pbo
  12. Wat about my profile page Image result for kappa

  13. Administrator applications are now open and will be open for the next few days, we'll then close them and evaluate the applications. If your application is successful you will then be invited to conduct an interview with a Senior Admin, Head Admin or Myself. Any questions feel free to ask. Good luck everyone! ~Robert Jenkins
  14. Owner (Bender, Sam) - Community Owners Development Manager (graphical) (Jimmy) - Tasked with all graphical and modeling needs Development Manager (programming) (Maurice) - Tasked with all programming needs - Cyberworks Gameplay Manager (Dismayed) - Tasked with In Game Rules / Game Changes General Manager (Andy) - Manager Liason Operations Manager (Robert) - Tasked with Staff, community and faction bound. Project Relations Manager (Leppy) - Tasked with community relations with members and 3rd party relations. Head Developer (Danny) - Forums - Map/Xcam Developers -Developing the server in the server in their speciality area. Head Administrator Head Admins run the Admin team, there is a limit to 3 of them, 1 EU, 1 NA and 1 from any time zone. This is so the 3 of them can make decisions together and if a vote is made then there will not be a tie. This is also so that there should be one available most of the time. Head Admins are responsible for the training and hiring of new Admins and Moderators. They are also the ones to deal with any reports against a staff member, be it support or admin team member Senior Administrator Senior Administrators are more experienced in their jobs and are tasked with helping to train new Admins and Moderators. They usually have more knowledge of common cases so are the best people to go to first for help. An Admin is promoted to Senior Admin once they have been an Admin for an extended period of time and have proven themselves. Administrator The Role of an Administrator is to ensure the members of the community are following the rules of the server. They deal with player reports, ban appeals and more complex support cases. They are also tasked with helping to run community events. Moderator Moderators are essentially a trial staff member, they are to assist Admins and Senior Admins in their jobs. Moderators have limited powers on the forums and teamspeak and can help with disputes between players. Once a moderator has deemed himself/ herself as being a good staff member they will be promoted to Administrator. Support Supervisors Support Supervisors are in charge of the support team, there is a limit to 2 of them. They work together to run the support team by training, hiring and managing the support team. Senior Support Senior Support Members are more experienced members of the support team, their job is to move the applications that have been processed and ensure that the ones that have been accepted have been done so correctly. They also assist in the training of new support team members. Support Team Member Support Team Members are the first line of support within the community. They are also the first person a new member will see when the join the community too. The Support Team Member’s job is to welcome new community members in by doing an induction once their application has been accepted. They are also responsible for conducting teamspeak support and the processing of applications. Trial Support Team Member Trial Support Team Members new support team members and have similar responsibilities to Support Team Members.
  15. Hi All Firstly thank you for such an awesome launch of CG Classic its great to see some of the old face's back at CG and the great characters that we had here that made CG amazing place to be for the new players/members I hope you are enjoying the Classic Lakeside. We weren't expecting the huge response we got at launch and the flood of apps that came we are still working on classic ironing out some of the problems we are having with the code the community has been amazing with the offers of help from the community members and the way our development and operations team has tripled in size since launch also I'd like to mention that you all make CG the community it has always been why people come back here, and how you are eager to help with in-game issues to make your immersion and experience a great one while educating along the way so again thank you from all of us at the CG Team... So to get to the point as you remember from my last post in here I spoke about other projects outside Arma RP well we have decided to move into GTA RP as well we are going to Host a friend of mine GTArp server at CG he like me has got addicted to the GTArp scene he has put a lot into the server hes working on with 2 French developers considering that he come from a rust back ground but what he has done so far and what he has planned is class we will be putting up 2 servers a public & a white-listed server. I will post more in the next week and hopefully before the end of the month we will have the servers up and a new section on the forums. Thank you all again for the amazing response to our relaunch. Leppy
  16. CHANGELOG - LIVE Mission Additions: Added: NVG's for EMS Added: More Ems Slots Added: More Civ Slots Added: Court House Fire. Mission Changes: Changed: Moved Rebel Weapon Shipment Location Fixed: Bank Robbing Changed: Panic Buttons For Cops Changed: Added Database ID Above Players Name At All Time Changed: Gang Slot Upgrading Re-Enabled Fixed: Some Fires Being In The Wrong Spot. Removed: OPFOR Slot count upped Addon Additions: Addon Changes: Fixed: UI Font Issue Updated: CBA_A3 Added: Long Range Radios To Cop/EMS Ivory Vehicles (WRX, EVOX, M3, REV, RS4, SUBURBAN, GTI)
  17. Hello all! Thank you all for an amazing first day open, all the staff team has been very busy with over 200 people whitelisted in the first few days alone. So thank you all! We want to listen to the community to find out how you all think that we could improve, so if you'd like to take a few minutes to leave some feedback on the server please feel free to do so. At the start of every month i'll make a post about frequent things people have said. Link to feed back here ~Robert Jenkins ~Operations Manager
  18. Registration Not Permitted For all users unable to join and receive the following issue, (displayed bellow) will have to use some VPN in order overcome this error. The error occurs because your IP was globally banned by IPS ( Forum Provider). This may occur if you were previously banned on their forums, or IPS bans the IP provided by your hosting provider.
  19. SPACE - JUMP F10 - HELP MENU O - Enable/Disabled Dispatch SHIFT P - Fade Sound ALT CTRL P - Radio Menu _key1 = CUSTOM USER ACTION 11 OR F3 CTRL + _key1 [CIV] - Gang Menu CTRL + _key1 [COP] - Charge Menu SHIFT + _key1 [COP , CAR] - Code 1 Toggle SHIFT + _key1 - Driver Seat CTRL + SHIFT + _key1 - Medic Updater _key2 = CUSTOM USER ACTION 12 OR F5 CTRL + _key2 - Anim Menu SHIFT + _key2 - Code 2 Toggle SHIFT + _key2 - enter Driver Seat _key3 = CUSTOM USER ACTION 13 OR F6 CTRL + _key3 - Seatbelt SHIFT + _key3 [COP , CAR] - Code 3 Toggle _key3 = CUSTOM USER ACTION 14 OR F7 SHIFT + _key3 [HAS JOB] - Quit Job _key4 = CUSTOM USER ACTION 13 OR F6 SHIFT + _key4 [CAR] - Eject SHIFT + H - Holster Weapon CTRL + H - UnHolseter CTRL + H [COP , CAR] - Undercover Sirens Off H [COP , CAR] - Undercover Sirens On CTRL + H [MED , CAR] - Undercover Sirens Off H [MED , CAR] - Undercover Sirens On _key5 = WINDOWS KEY / CUSTOM USER ACTION 10 _key5 = Interaction Key SHIFT + R [CAR] - NOS SHIFT + R [COP] - Restrain SHIFT + G [Weapon] - Knock Out T + CAR - Vehicle Virtual Inventory L [COP] - Radar Y - Phone CTRL + Y - Player Virtual Inventory 6 - Surrender CTRL + 6 - Middle Finger CTRL + 8 - RESYNC U - Unlock Vehicle
  20. How to link your accounts (Steam, Teamspeak, Discord) The following post will demonstrate how to connect all three of your accounts. It's important to note that to play on our servers you will have to link both Steam and Teamspeak to your profile in order to proceed with your civilian application and avoid any delays. Additionally, you will also be given the option to link your Discord account, however, it is not mandatory but most discussions emerge from the community channel. Link your Steam Account (mandatory) Link your Teamspeak (mandatory) Link your Discord (optional)
  21. Should we put up the old Critical Server? We have had some discussions within the staff team, and have decided that if the community would like we could put up the classic CG server from back in the day. There are a few things that should be noted before you vote: A) This DOES NOT slow down development in anyway, the old server is already ready to go at a few button clicks. B) We more than likely will not put any dev time into the old server (unless something is 100% necessary) C) There is no guarantee this server will stay up with the release of the new server, so be ready to loose what you earn. D) The staff will regulate the rules on this server, it IS still an RP server. E) We hope to also use this to select a few people from the community to join our internal test session Feel free to ask any questions in the comments! Vote Closed. Final Result
  22. Development these past two weeks has been fairly slow, first week saw most of our EU development team enjoying the weather, work however still continued even at the slower pace. As we came to the end of the heatwave here in Europe development started to ramp up again and we are now back to full speed, we also began interviewing some new developers to further strengthen our team. @Danny and @BendingUnit22 have been hard at work, with Danny working on the wonderful new light and dark theme you now see on the forums. The forums also went under several maintenance periods as bender worked hard to improve the stability and speed of the forums. @Jimmy Bulmer this week has been working on getting our Physical Items and objects ready for me to use, On the scripting front I have mostly been working on a backed tidy up polishing a few of our features and preparing others which are waiting for assets. On other fronts i have been working on our administration platform, and will soon transfer some of the work which has been done in to our launcher platform WIP Shot of Admin panel Finally i would just like to welcome our new developers, @Michael McFly, @Michael Wellington, @Eric Yeezy. I would also like to say thank you to @J B for his hard work on some 3D models for us which i cant wait to show you over the coming weeks.
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